What people say about us

Tess was absolutely incredible in helping me find my house - she understood what my dream house was and did not stop until she found it, supporting me throughout and never exceeding my expectations.  . . . totally brilliant service in every way, I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.
— Mr R M-H

We used Tessa Lamb to find us a house in 3 different counties for 3 different potential schools whilst we were living overseas.  We were aware we had cast the net wide but Tess managed to show us good and relevant rentals all within the brief and she did it with aplomb.  I would definitely recommend her services to any families looking to rent high calibre homes.  
— Mr and Mrs B

Professional, friendly, efficient.  We had been searching the property market for about 12 months when we were introduced to Tessa Lamb.  We were very specific with our requirements so I was amazed it took such little time for Tessa to find the perfect property for us.  Tessa had previewed the property beforehand and knew exactly how the property would work for us.  I highly recommend Tessa Lamb Property Search and Relocation Services.
— Mrs F

We began looking for houses in and around Henley, and widened our search out to West Berkshire.  We realised and understood that it was not going to be an easy process.  Tessa Lamb’s name was given to us after we had spent 4 months travelling from France to England, dealing with Estate Agents, at this stage we realised that we needed someone to source the market.  This was the first time that we ever contemplated asking anyone to find a home for us.  From day one when we met Tess, her enthusiasm and willingness was so great, it filled us with so much confidence.  We gave her our brief - with what we did not want to see or waste our time and her time and within days Tessa came up with the house we have bought and are so happy with.  This process saved us so much money as we would have been going backwards and forwards such a lot.  It can be a very difficult decision to engage someone to find you a property but all I can say to you is Tess ticked all the boxes, she was there throughout the buying process, she continued with all the local information which was such a wonderful help to us.  Magic Lady!
— Mr & Mrs W

Tessa was worth more than double her fee.  We gave her a very short time slot to find us a gorgeous house.  Not an easy find in a very competitive market.  She listened to our brief carefully and showed us a few great house that matched.  She managed to unearth an absolute gem way before it went to market and crucially before anyone else knew about it, due to her excellent contacts.  We are now happily ensconsed in out dream home.  Tessa does all of this with a cheerfulness and kindness that goes beyond the brief.  She has also helped to find us a cleaner, a gardner and playdates for the boys.
— Mr & Mrs H